Godan Test

Nagato Sensei will be doing Godan testing Saturday morning. If you would like to take the Godan test, you must submit a copy of your Yondan certificate with your $15 payment at the time of ticket purchase. You must also bring the money for your Godan Menkyo in yen at the time of the Taikai.

We are responsible for all Godan paperwork, its organization, and getting it to Japan with your payment.

We will submit all passing applicants to Japan and have your Godan certificate mailed to you.

Please remember to have your paperwork ready before you arrive in Oregon. If you don’t have paperwork, email us and we will get you copies.

Godan Check list:

  • Yondan certificate submitted with $15.
  • Order form filled out for office in Japan.
  • Passport photo included with paperwork.
  • Fee for Godan Menkyo in yen, in hand, at the time of the test in Oregon.
  • If you pass, we will take care of the rest and have your menkyo mailed to you.
  • You must have signed up through ticket taylor to take the Godan Test before the Taikai. If you do not, you will not be taking the Godan test.